LF- rakk pakk cm

LF- this class mod let me what your looking

I have an extra that gives +2 to headcount & Most Dangerous Game, +1 on Pack Tactics. LF a Beastmaster Annointed Maggie/Brainstormer that gives +100% more damage after using Rakk Attack or something similar.

You know that’s the one thing I haven’t come across is annointed Maggie

They’re very rare it seems. I’ve gotten about 15 maggies with only 3 of them being annointed. The one I use currently gets 50% bonus rad damage on action skill end. Anyway, what platform are you on? Ill just give u the mod, Im on PC.

Yeah the one I have i believe is for Zane for swap out damage bonus

What platform are you on? There’s dedicated sections for each platform.

Moved to ps4 section.