LF range of items have much to offer

I need a mashed clairvoyance with CH
Unseen threat 300v90
Smog sntl/Ch
CH reflux x14

I’ve got a bunch of class mods artifacts and weapons

Hey i got on me sntnl backburners in Corrosive and Radiation, and i also got a 300/90 unseen threat. I also still have the corrosive CH boom sickle if you still need it.
Still searching for a seein dead with sniper damage and an ice breaker victory rush, would also like to know if you have a ST4CKBOT with AR damage.
Right now i can’t trade because PSN in undergoing maintenance.

Got a corro backburner STNL cryo i’m willing to trade. LF Anarchy x18/20 in rad or shock STNL cryo.