LF Re-Charger Shield Details including Pictures For Trade - Take a Look!

Been on the hunt for an Anointed Re-Charger Shield, with 12k + Capacity, preferably 13+ , With ASE -

Skill Cool Down, Or ASE 50% Cyro Damage. Cannot get one of these darn shields to drop for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone. I’ll include some items below that are up for trade.

More items for trade, I’ll be adding items throughout the day, be sure to check back again! Thanks everyone!

Have these not what you looking for but will keep eye out for drops :man_shrugging:t3:

Keep an eye out for me boss, I’d appreciate that. My only toon is Fl4K, and trying to get that ASE skill cool down or 50% Cyro Anointment to drop on one of these shields has lead to alotta. . no luck. . So far
And hey ,if there’s anything on the list you want me to send your way, just holler.

No prob I only farm now do I’ll keep trying