LF Re-router with Shield (Anointed Preferred)

I’m looking for a Shield-based Re-Router with a useful anointed mod on it. Have LOTS to trade. Can be contacted on Epic as: MoogyMonster. Thanks!

Hey, I have an Improved Re-Router with the Anoinment: On Action Skill End, damage taken is reduced by 13% for a short time. Reply if you’re interested, thanks.

Definitely! Hit me up on Epic: MoogyMonster

Let me know what you’re looking for in trade. Thanks!


I have a few with random anointments - got an anointed lucien’s call?

got a health re-router (7100 shield, 2.9 sec delay, +10% hp) with 5% hp regen after action skill anointment, not fitting your “shield” requirement tho…