LF rebel yell AR

Hey, I’m searching for a rebel yell, best case scenario would be level 45+ but willing to deal for a lower level one as well, I have a number of items to trade if need be so willing to deal if someone has one

If not, an idea of where to farm for one would be appreciated as well


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I have one. Do you have a Lucian’s Call or any good anointed gear for Amara?

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I have one. Message me XBL o Hired Gun o

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Don’t have a lc. Cataloging what I have for leg later today if there’s anything else your interested in

Im looking for rebel yell anyone know best way to get ? Thanks

I have one. Looking for a phasezerker mod or any anointed guns for siren.

did you still need rebel yell? list your gt and I’ll send ya one and that goes for finn and adamoddy

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AKO666 thanks :grin:

Appreciate the offers, old post I’ve actually tracked down 3 by now.

Thanks all

got home to an update and no inventory…farming one up for ya now adamoddy

sending now…sorry…lost my bank and had to farm for it lol

thats ok thank you really apreciated :grin:

I have a few of these. And will trade for zane class mods, the infiltrator is the one I need most. Need a good roll on the stats. also need otto idols with good rolls