LF Recuring Hex 4x9

has anyone got a Recuring Hex 4x9 l can have or trade. Or anything above the 2x3


yes seen it on youtube

From my knowledge “reccurning hex” is 2x3?
2 grenades that spawns 3 mirvs on impact?
4x9 sounds like cheated one.

yes l have the 2x3, a youtuber called DPJ shows it on one of his clips about it.

@vproph3t don’t belive all the youtube stuff. Especially not if it’s one of the PC-Gamers. There is so much hacked gear out there.

l was not sure myself just waiting to see if anyone does have a bigger hex

As far as I know biggest is Reccuring or MIRV-tacular. First splits into 2 and they spawn 3 mirvs, second is single and spawn 6 mirvs.
Can you post a video you are talking about?

There was such a thread one month ago.
Look at the red text. Someone modded a quasar and a hex togeter + some other granademod’s stats

missed that one very shady by him.

Yup, it’s modded AF. Why you even ask for it if you have all the answers in the comments of this video.

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something l saw ages ago, when he first released the video… and plus l cannot read… :wink: