Lf recuring hex

I am looking to do some possible trading for a level 50 recuring hex grenade…have lots to trade or if u just have a extra either way…

Have recurring hex
Rad, cryo, and shock
Cryo and shock are annointed

Shoot me some details/pics of what you got to offer

Do you have a spare dupe of the shock version dude? I’m not sure if I have anything you’d like in return but if you let me know what you’re looking for I can take a look.


Hey buddy give idea of what u like or might be looking for … have alot of stuff would help narrow it down some …ty

I am looking for rad buffing items. I forget the artifacts name, but buffs rad dmg and gives aura, that with +rad dmg and complimenting root would be sublime.

Some annointed zane weapons. While sntnl/barrier active. Convincing [good stat rolls] mods for him [his mods seem to just be interchangable lol]

Im a torgue kind of guy

Ok cool I’ll look see what I have u might be interested in …