Lf recurring Frost/nuclear/shock hex&Frost butcher

Hi there, lf recurring Frost/nuclear/shock hex&Frost/fire butcher & fire flakker. Anyone up for a Trade? Just message me ingame. Ps4 Tag:r8m6d3

I have a Frost Butcher and Fire Flakker, what do you have?

Tell me what u are intersted in. Would be easier than telling u what i have:)

Anointed Unforgiven(Zane)
Cutpurse White Elephant

Sorry, i have got neither the unforgiven nor the white elephant 4 Trade. If i got any to spare i will message u.

You can still have it, I’ll send it once I get home

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Thank you! That is really nice of you. Like i said as soon as i see the items u need i will message u. If you are in need of something else, just let me jnow.