LF Recurring Hex and Diluvian Firestorm

Looking to trade for both or either. PSN Grymhowl

Got both looking for anointed Cryo Lucians

I have Lucian cryo but not annointed sry

Hey @DP_Unkemptharold i have that annointed cryo Lucians call.

My PSN: kemo_zero

What’s the anoint and the scope? Very important to me

Fire rate +33%
Zoom X1.5
Annointed on action skill end, weapon status effect damage and chance increased by 75%

Welp that’s the scope I want. Not the best anointment but it’s an upgrade for the time being I guess what are you wanting?

Diluvian firestorm

Okay add me psn: DP_UnkemptHarold