LF Recurring Hex Cryo or Rad

I have most legendary grenades (stromfront, quasar, red queen, tina’s, moxxis, chupo) to trade including an anointed firestorm. I also have some extra crossroad smgs, and a radioactive conference call.

Do you have any of these?
[A Splash Damage] Rad DP Shredded Laser-Sploder (Rifle)
[AO SNTL] Cryo Lucian (Rifle)
Molten The Director (Rifle)
Cryo Crossroad (SMG)
[A Splash Damage] Corr Hive (Rocket launcher)
MIRV-Tacular Hex (Grenade)
[A] Stop-Gap (Shield)
[A] Transformer (Shield)
Executor [Assault Damage] (Class Mod)
Ice-Breaker [Cryo Damage] (Artifact)

I have a cryo crossroad.

Add me, PSN is the same as here

Heya you got an Sticky Quasar with Homing attribute ?