LF Recurring Hex Cyro/Rad

Hey guys im looking for a Cyro and a Rad Recurring Hex Grenade if anyone has spares or are looking for something I might have it other than class mods

Epic : Baconatorz32

I have a cloning hex rad version level 50.

Epic: korben44

Have both , do you have a face puncher anointed?

Dang I just dropped it earlier today cause I didnt think anyone wanted 1 xD ill try to farm up another 1

Whatcha looking for it bud?

You can have it if you want. Not really looking for anything in return. I just have a ton of gear and don’t mind sharing the wealth!

That would be sick :smiley:

Just add me on epic games and I’ll give it to you!

Just message me through the Epic app… I’m usually playing in offline mode.