LF: **Recurring Hex grenades** anointed for ASE 50% bonus damage (fire, shock, or corrosive)

Have tons of good stuff for trade (20 some mules!), including –

– Annexed Scathing ION CANNON (X2, fire) anointed – when enemies below 25% health gain 50% weapon damage

– Abundant Projectile Recursion (x2, shock & corrosive) – anointed – on ASE, weapon damage increased for short time)

– Redundant Brainstormer (anointed – on ASE, weapon damage increased for short time)

Hey, I have a Recurring Hex Cryo with 50% Corrosive, I’d like to trade
for the Recursion you listed?

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Sounds good! I’ll be on in a couple of hours. Can send a friend request now (PSN app). Is your user name here the same as on PSN? My PSN ID = bevross

edit: To others that might read – wouldn’t mind an arsenal of Hex’s, to switch out elements :grinning:

Cool, we’ve traded before, I’ll mail it over when I get your FR!

Yep, same PSN as here, I’ve got 4 or 5 Hex’s so I’ll just send the lot.

hi there, i got a recurring hex with 50% rad dmg, do u have brawler ward with 200% melee dmg after phaseslam?

FR sent to dogstar13 – hope it’s you!

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No kclio1986 – I’ve a few Brawler Wards (one anointed for Zane which is nice) but not that :pensive:

Yep, sent the Hex and 3 others including what @kclio1986 offered. :smiley:

Dang, how sweet! TYVM!

Got your stuff dogstar, & sent Recursion. TYVM!

Thanks Bev, nice trade! Sad thing is, the Recursion isn’t even for me, I hate
the bloody things! :cry:

Yeah, I don’t like it too much either-- so slow charging. I suppose quite powerful if you can get used to it. That ION RL is nice though, has its own learning curve. Murders Freddy!

Corrosive x2 anointed ion cannon by chance?

X2, fire, anointed (1st post above)

Do you still have the Hex with corrosive? Im on PC

This is a PS4 trading section. There’s another section for PC –