Lf recurring hex have class mods and many lgd

my psn: itz_luco

got a bunch of class mods, annointed cocky flakker and many other guns let me know what you need

also have

Check out my store. I have the Recurring/MIRV Hex Grenades.

I’ll send you whatever you want for that RR.

Send me a Friend Request at: MrPeriodical

mailed you a bunch of stuff erlier for those recurring hex and mirv-tacular you have. please send em and ill add the rough rider thanks :hugs:

I got all 3 elements of reccuring hex got elemental projector static charge artefact by chance ?

nope only that one it seems

not sure if u playing amara but i also have a 300% wpn damage phaseslam butcher

Ohhhh that was you.

I’ll mail as soon as I can.

I’m not at home right now.

hahah ya sry you must of missed my message along with friend request its ok