LF recurring hex in incendiary

I got a recurring rad in exchange for it.

Or I’ll take a diluvian firestorm instead of hex.

Message me on xbox. I’ll get back to you.

GT Killerkpd

Hex doesn’t exist in fire so yea… only shock, rad and cryo

Thanks, that’s proabably why I haven’t seen one. Was trying to get them all.

Damn it.

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Yea sadly as of now at least only those 3 elements :confused: Good luck on getting a firestorm tho, i’m on the lookout for one as well. They seem super strong and cool as all hell lol

I have regular, rain, large and singularity.

The diluvian eludes me.

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So i’m guessing diluvian is better than rain? I actually just figured out this thing exists like 2 days ago so I haven’t researched it as much as other things.

Much much better.

Rain is good until you see a diluvian. 2 to 3 times more than the rain and when they land they leave explosives to blow up on proximity.

I’ve found epics with a diluvian prefix but they are meh…

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Dope. So it’s sorta like the regular mirv hex compared to the mirvtacular or recurring… makes sense. Now i’m def on the lookout lol

Its gotta be an extremely low drop rate. I’m sure PC players are duping them.

I’ve only come across one rain firestorm. I made sure to keep that in my backpack so it doesnt get deleted.

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