LF Recurring Hex- prefer Radiation/Shock but any will do

I have:
(mostly copy and paste)
Lyuda (Radiation, Electric, Annexed Resolute)
Last Ditch Bloodletter
Lucian’s Call (Anointed Corrosive: On ASE, next 2 mags will have +50% shock dmg)
Cocky Flakker
Queen’s Call (Radiation)

If there’s anything else that you’re looking for, plz reply with another offer below and I’ll see if I have that item(s).

For Annexed Resolute Lyuda??

I have a shock one. Whats the roll on that bloodletter? Also what is the zoom on the flakker? Also the queens call?

  • My Cocky Flakker has 1.5x zoom
  • This bloodletter has +33% weapon handling, +31% AR dmg, and +10% COV weapon damage. +1 Phalanx Doctrine, +1 Thin Red Line , +3 Desperate Measures
  • Queen’s Call has 2.2x zoom

Thank you. Not what im looking for in those unfortunately. I would like to trade for your queens call. My Shock recurring hex for your Queens call( Rad)?

Sure, what’s your GT? And yes, my Queen’s Call does Rad dmg

HurtfulRyan m