LF Recurring Hex (Shock)and Tenocious Bloodletter Mod for Moze

Hey mates…

dont know why but all my gear is lost, that my char had equipped…

so i search again the 2 items in title. I have mirv tacular hex with radiation and recurring frost for trading and a few other items.

hi have a tenocious bloodletter mod

Just looking for a Recurring Hex (Shock). Can offer a few things like Bloodletter Mods, White Elephant and a few Hex Tacular, Hex Mirv and Recurring Hex (Cryo)

i’d love the hex mirv (as i havent gotten a single one) sadly can only offer 2x stop-gap and a quasar (longbow)

Add me. Jigokura. U can have one for free

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