LF Recurring Hex (Shock) have a lot to trade

just tell me what u need, have recurring hex (radiation), crossroads, lucian calls and other stuff.

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any chance you have a Elemental Projector Deathless? (i have both the recurring cryo and shock)

I’m looking for the shock recurring hex. I have a berzerker deathless.

sorry only elemental projectors or deathless, not both in one unfortunately

I have a hostile fire crossroad, undermining rad crossroad and cash infused rad and shock crossroad. @Nurros

@DIME_94 I have both cryo and shock, LF shock crossroad, added

i have a deathless if you would like to trade, i am on pc however so if that works great

You willing to trade for the rad hex, Dime?

i don´t need a berserker deathless, just looking for a shock recurring hex rn.

Have a good bounty Hunter class mod? If so I’ll trade my rec. Hex

Only one I got

got an anointed Star Helix?

unfortunately not anointed

I have a recurring hex shock version that I will trade you if you still need one. I would like to swap for your recurring hex radiation version. Epic tag is Silinvhine. Message/friend me.

added you on epic