LF Recurring Hex (Shock or Radiation)

I can / have a lot of extra stuff to trade, let me know what you need and I’ll look / hunt for it.



Cryo lucians call annointed to zane(any variant) or Fire lucians call(bonus cryo damage annointment)
i can give you all 3 element of recuiring hexes

i have one recurring hex radiation i need the cryo recurring hex or mirv tacular cryo hex or an amazing amara classmod phasezerker roll

I have all 3 elements.
Do You have Fire crossroad with 100/125% damage to badasses?

I have Radiation recurring Hex.

Do you have
Annexed Lyuda, (fire, anointed digiclone swap dmg)
Cutsman (corrosive, anointed stnl cryo dmg/ digiclone swap dmg)
Crossroad (cryo, anointed stnl cryo dmg)
Diluvian Firestorm