LF Recurring Hex, Trading Anointed Lyuda

LF Recurring Hex Any element
Trading Cryo Zane Lyuda (18 round mag)
-While barrier is active Status Effect Chance increases by 50%

I can do that. What element do you want?

I have Shock, Radiation, and Cryo. Would love to have that Lyuda as I am currently testing Zane builds. Let me know which one you want. The Cyro one is Anointed +1 grenade on Action Skill Start.

GT:Thang Hung

Can you do Radiation?

Sure, invite me - RuneSlayer4421 is my GT

Lyuda still available for that annointed Cryo Recurring Hex. I’ll be back on a little bit later

Sounds good man. I’ll send it your way as soon as I get home from work. It will be around 4 hours of this posting.

What is your gamertag?

GT: Puxatawney1818
I probably won’t be back on until 8pm EST, just fyi

All good. It should be in your mailbox by then.

Appreciate it. Yeah I just wanted to let you know so that you’re not sitting around wondering where I am

You’ve got mail!

Whenever this Xbox update stops screwing up I’ll log in and send it

Just FYI

Yeah I had problems getting back on after my Xbox crashed yet again trying to join a buddies game.