LF Recursion for the dispersion :D

Hey guys, I’m looking for a 2x recursion with fire/corrosive and 50% ele ASE anoint.

have a couple things to trade that are not terrible:
53 engulfing faisor corrosive with 250 phasecast ASE
53 arctic reflexsive night hawkin with 50% incend ASE
53 cash infused crossroad 300 phaseslam ASE
53 kybs worth shock/incend 100% damage rakk ASE
53 abundant projectile recursion incend/cryo 100% damage ASE

edit: also have 53 hellshock with 100% damage ASE
and several 53 cost-effective optimised Q sys with various anoints

What platform?

As VH101 asked, what platform? I’m on Xbox and have a x2 Rad/Fire with shock for 2 mags

Moved to PC section, judging by your previous posts.

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sorry - thanks for moving - thought I had posted to PC ;/

Still looking for this, got other stuff to trade, lots to list but:
53 viscious lyuda 115% gamma burst ase
53 hellshock with 300% phaseslam ase
53 cryo/shock recursion with 125% splash ase
53 krakatoa x 2 (1 with 115% gamma burst; 1 with 50% shock ase)
53 corrosive Lob with 50% corrosive ase
53 cryo lob with 250% dmg phasecast ase
53 conference call 250% dmg phasecast ase