LF Recursion x2 Shock/Transformer, ASE cyro or fire / Quasar, shock, ASE cyro or fire


I’m trying to play the ricochet witch build but some items are really hard to get even after farming after farming.

I’m looking for

  1. LF Recursion x2, Shock, ASE + 100% damage or other good things
  2. Transformer, ASE cyro or fire
  3. Quasar, shock, ASE cyro or fire.

Below is the list of the anointed items I have that I’ve seen here. Hope they are not ■■■■■■… please leave a message to me if you want to trade or I would appreciate it if you spare the above items.

MY psn id is Aneleh_freed


  • Dastardly Maggie: ASES, next two magazines have +50% shock damage
  • Hostile Powerhouse Redistributor: fire, while digi-clone active regerate +12% ammo per sec.

  • Dictator: while barrier is active, accuracy +50%, crit hit damage +70%.

  • Deep Dive Face-puncher: ASE, next two magazines +50% shock damage.

  • Speedlodn’ Hellwalker: fire, after attack command 30% lifesteal

  • Nuclear Infinity: radiation, After exiting Iron bear kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%

  • Lucian’s Call: Cyro, ASE next 2 magazines have 50% rad damage

  • Orge: ASE 125% more damage to Badass, named, and boss

  • Deathgrip: fire, ASE 125% more damage to badass, etc.

  • Hellwalker: fire, when Barrier is active Accuracy +60%, Critical hit damage +70%.

  • Lyuda: fire, after swapping with digi-clone damage +130%

  • Stark Krakatoa: ASE, 125% more damage to badass, etc.


  • Adrenaline Rough Rider: ASE +50% rad damage
  • Health Re-Reouter: ASES, +50% rad damage


  • Epicenter: fire, damage increased +25%
  • Hex: rad, ASE 50% shock damage

Class Mods
I have several but don’t know the skill name. To list which gives damage increase,

  • Bifurcated Friendly Friend-Bot: 13% fire rate, +50% Dahl accuracy, +10% Maliwan damage
  • Scattered Zippy Cold Warrior: +10% Dahl damage, +45% Jakobs crit damage, +45% Atlas crit damage
  • Teething Prized Rakk Commander: +31% SMG, Shotgun, Heavy weapon damage
  • Teething Prized Red Fang: -19% shield delay, +149 health regen, +31% smg damage
  • Teething Prized Red Fang: +31% sniper damage, +1666 shield capa, +50% COV accuracy
  • Teething St4ckbot: +33% handling, +31 heavy weapon damage, +23 COV fire rate
  • Zippy Cold Warrior: +10% Atlas damage, +14% Tediore fire rate, +43% Hyperion crit damage


  • Cyro Stone Victory Rush: +1666 max shield, +140 health regen, +21% ASCR, cyro damage to melee
  • Mind Melt Otto Idol: + 29% incendiary resistance, +16% corrosive damage, +29% shock resistance, slam triggers radiation aura.


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Add me, same name. I’ll try to get you some of that stuff.

I added you on ps. Thank you so much!

What are you still looking for?

Nothing has changed

I can give you two of your wants. My psn is Ice-T411

I’ve got a shock Quasar but it’s ASE corrosive. If that would work for you

Well actually calebismybro just gave all the things I needed! Thanks all for your favors. Happy weekend!

calebismybro is a good dude, cheers