LF- Recursion x2 w/ 50% anoint and 12+ ammo

Let me know what you need!

Corrosive/Rad. Idk if you are looking for a specific element setup with it

Oh jk, I didn’t read the 12+ ammo lol mb

I can work with that kitty. Any specific item you looking for?

Everything is holding up decently enough for my chars right now, but I would love to replace some of my gamma burst build since I have the most fun playing that.

Looking specifically for a Kill o Wisp, Breath of the Dying, and Fire and/or Corrosive Kaos. All with gamma burst.

But they are hard to come by lol I’ll send you the recursion still. Pretty sure I have you already, what was your epic?

Margoraider, tyvm, I’ll keep you in mind on those wisp. I know I have a couple but they are ase, you can’t use those right?

I have just the one you want… problem is I’m on xbox lol

I nabbed a 100 ASE wisp so far, but usually ASE anoints are useless for this build (I dont like to fake cast, and i dont like to exploit the Rakk charge glitch). So yeah, I’ll hold onto my 50 GB wisp for now :smiley: thanks for keeping me in mind!
I’ll send over that recursion soon, and if you ever need other stuff lemme know

TYVM, I can stop farming gen traunt now… lol

Lol it always feels good to be finished xD
If I nab any more ×2 with good anoints I’ll send them your way


I have one of these. 12 mag, Shock/Cryo, fire ASE. Would you still be interested?

Yes! Anything specific you’re looking for? @darreltan2004

Do you have any Phasecast/Phaseslam anointed:

  • Conference Calls
  • King/Queen’s Call
  • Cutsman
  • Lucky 7
  • Ion Cannon
  • Carrier

For sure cutsman. I’ll check the other. Add me: Margoraider @darreltan2004

Sure I will take that. I will add you tonight (or you could add me first, Epic ID: vanaria32). I would prefer conference calls if you got it haha (if you don’t its alright). What element are the Cutsmans?

Saw your other thread. I got a fire hyperfocus with 100% ase and a kinetic one with 125% ASE. Willing to trade those too.

Shock I believe. I know I got other slam/cast stuff, For sure I got a slam wedding invitation. I’ll send those your way too. @darreltan2004

Thanks! I already have a slam WI so don’t really need that XD. Just send over any good slam/cast gear you have and I will mail you the Recursion and the Hyperfocus.

@darreltan2004 okiedoks

@darreltan2004 added. Let me know when you accepted