LF Red Fang + anointed guns +65% dmg when Gamma burst

Hey guys/gals,

I am looking for the following:
Red fang (Class mod)
Stop-Gap with ‘+5% health reg when shields are full’
Night hawking anointed ‘+65% dmg boost when Gamma Burst is active’
Anointed weapons with ‘+65% (any) dmg when Gamma burst is active’
Any other good anointed weapons with +65% dmg whil gamma burst is active

Anointed Cryo crossroad ‘on action skill end next 2 magazines +50% shock dmg’
Anointed Night hawking ‘While barrier is active +60% acc and crit dmg +30%’
Anointed Cryo Lucians Call ‘Switching places with digi clone increases dmg by 130%’
Anointed Cryo Luyda ‘while barrier is active +60% acc and +30% crit dmg’
All elements Rowans Call

  • many more

yo, i have this.

Interested to both night hawking and lucians. I have tons of mod, tell me what perks you need and i can see if i have something good for you. can you post night hawking photo? Ty

I have these:

  • Magnificent (fire/shock, anointed, +65% bonus radiation during Gamma Burst)
  • Rebel Yell (shock, anointed, when Gamma Burst is active gain 65% radiation damage)

Let me know if you are interested.

i have red fang class mods. and some gamma burst weapons too. can you send your cryo lyudas picture? or at least can you say what is the base damage and magsize?