LF red fang class mod for flak

Need the rolls to have weapon damage and splash damage on it. Have lots of trades for all characters let me know what your looking for.

I have one with splash damage, weapon damage, and asc. Do you have a redundant face puncher or shock skelsil with phasecast damage ase?

I don’t sadly I have multiple anointed ones but my best ones I have is 100% ase melee and 125% ase to badass enemies

I might have a redundant FP…

Anointed with 250 phasecast?

Sorry phaseslam…


I have one with weapon damage, splash radius and crit damage. I’m looking for a gamma burst maggie, or a cryo redistributor :slight_smile:

Add me and we can figure something out.

What are wanting for one of thos red fangs