LF Red Fang COM + Deathless w/ bonus Mag Size on both

Trying to do a Legion Fl4k build. Those two legendarys are a pain to farm when competing with other dedicated drops, especially for specific bonuses. Doesn’t matter type of Red Fang or Deathless (although an Atom Balm Deathless would be preferable) as long as they both have bonus Mag Size.

I think I might have both of these you can have, I’ll check tonight and let you know. My PSNID is XLAIRvoyant (I’m just putting that here in case I loose this page)

Thanks, bro! My PSNID is G-shift. I saw your Cosmic Stalker topic, too. Wish I could help you with that specific roll. Although mine has 3 pts in Big Game and 2 in Interplanetary Stalker, passives are so-so: Torgue weapon reload speed/Shield Capacity/Assault Rifle Damage. At least the Monarch, Lucian’s Call and Jakob’s rifles can get some benefit from it if you like using those a lot with your Fl4k.

Hey dude, I can’t believe it! I just had a feeling that I had those two bits of gear, and I flippin’ DO! Add me on PlayStation and I’ll chuck them over to you tonight PSNID: XLAIRvoyant

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That’s awesome, dude! Thanks so much! Look forward to receiving them. Let me know if there is any gear you might be interested in I could send you.