LF Red Fang COM + Gamma Burst Gear

Looking for these for my FL4k. Willing to trade Gunner and Siren class mods and Annointed Gear. For any other items you might need, just ask. I may have it.

Psn: psDrEw66

I got all 3 you need, I’m looking for fl4k gamma burst weps

PSN: HyperTraceur

I have Bounty Hunter and Friend-Bot mods. Would you happen to have a Deathless relic with shotgun damage? Snowdrift would be cool but any Deathless is fine.

looking for shock or rad shredifier got bount hunter mod for sure need to check on the other one, as my bounty hunter has 18% crit damage and cooldown perk

Ive recieved all the Fl4k class mods through a couple trades. Now only looking for Atom Balm Relic and Gamma Burst items.

I don’t sorry. Ive been trying to get those but I keep getting Fade Away/Rakk Attack.

I’ll check. Got any Gamma Burst weapons?

I’m also looking for these along with red fang, have a lot of phasecast amara stuff to trade

Mainly looking for god rolls, and gamma burst Anointed weapons too

I got few atom balm relics maybe but need to check as I pick them up randomly but only pick them up if they have cooldown or 40% magazine perk

What Phasecast items do you have?

Lyuda cutsman westergun hellwalker q system bitch kings call

And brainstormer somewhere

Im interested in the Westergun and Bitch. Can you add me on PSN? Its psDrEw66

I have to look around for the Shreddifier. I think I have a Radiation one somewhere.

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yeah I check what atom balm artifacts I got lying about as don’t use them myself but my psn is silentrabbit003 , just send me request etc :stuck_out_tongue:

got static charge , loaded dice, moxxi’s enwidowment, otto idol, each artefact has different perks though!

Im interested in the Atom Balm Otto Idol. FR sent.

If I do they would be purples but I’d have to check. I’m almost certain I don’t have any legendaries with gamma burst.

give me 5 mins and I get it sorted with you before I sleep :stuck_out_tongue: