LF Red Fang Flakk Class mod

Just trying a pet build and noticed I don’t have this mod give me a yell I have a few things from new DLC and other stuff yall may want.

I’ve got a God roll; jakobs crit dmg, jakobs accuracy, 25% weapon damage

I will mail it to you later tn, but if you have anything on my wants list please let me know!

Have a Charged delight Red suit, my Hex luck is garbage have yet to get even a decent non anointed Hex I do have a Quasar w/ +incendiary anoint. Looks like I have traded away most of my elemental projectors and Ottos got a couple Ice spikers let me check my old bank toon right quick.

If the red suit is anointed with elem dmg then maybe. But I’m not sure a big fan of amp shields for M4 lol.

The quasar is fine if you can’t find anything else! I’ll be able to mail in about 7-8 hrs

Yea Red suit not anointed unfortunatly , and I just realised I have amassed a stupid amount of Deathless artifacts heh. I’ll send the quasar in a few. PSN Coyote33W

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I have a few things on your want list for that red fang with jakobs crit