LF Red fang with shotgun DMG and other DMG, I have many m10 listed

Desperately looking for a top notch red fang mod. I have

Lightshow 150/50 corrosive

Monarch x8 150/50 corrosive and shock

Monarch x4 ASA 200 (non element)

Reflux 150/50 corrosive

All dakotas

Back burner 150/50 cyro

Red fang fire rate/assault DMG/SMG DMG

Bounty hunter assault DMG/ vladof DMG/ mag size (groll)

Facepuncher 300/90

Complex root ase 100

Anarchy x20 elemental crits

Many front loaders/transformers

Also looking for complex root and redundant reflux 150/50

I have this

Yeah that looks good to me, shall we?

I won’t be on until tonight, what Front Loaders do you have?

I can’t remember off the top of my head but I have two different ase 50 ones and a couple others with random annoints

That corrosive Monarch sounds pretty sick lol I will get that COM to ya tonight. What’s your GT?


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I just added you, I will get that Red Fang to ya tonight