Lf: Red Fang with weapon damage and Pistol Damage, 100% ASE/Rakks/Gamma Dictators, Low Zoom Bekah with Gamma Burst/100% ase or Rakks

Got plenty of stuff with Zane/Amara/Moze/Fl4k, god roll class mods, and really good weapons. Feel free to ask for anything and I’ll check if I have it. Thanks ! :smiley:


pretty sure I have a rak dictator and a 100% dam ase

Noice, sent ya a DM :smiley:

Update: Got the Bekahs, Dictators (except in Corro so if you have a Corro in Gamma Burst/Rakk/100% ASE feel free to tell me), so if anyone got a really good Red Fang (Weapon Damage +25%, then bonus in Pistol and/or Shotgun would be godlike), still looking for that

17005x2 fire Ion cannon with 100% dmg to enemies damaged by rakk attack?

I have redfangs that are close weapon crit jackobs dmg but not pistol dmg or shotgun

Got what I needed folks, thanks :slight_smile:

@EzioILMentore is there a way I might be able to trade you for that bekah

Do you have any Kyb’s +160% splash damage for Moze ? Or a Corrosive kybs with gamma anoint ?

I have multiple for moze actually

Would like them if that’s ok. Add me I’ll send ya both Bekahs Gamma Burst/Rakk low zoom

PSN: EzioILMentore

Any one have a shock tediore shotgun they can mail me? Psn- sir-pec