LF Red Suit and radiation weapons

I have a red suit but it’s amped and low capacity, so after one without amp and a decent capacity for a Zane Radiation build.

Also after any decent radiation weapons, would love a Queens call and butcher. Any annointments for Zane Clone or drone would be great. And I could also use an atom balm relic paired with something like ice breaker or deathless

If you have any of the above (or anything that will help with a radiation build) let me know what items you’d like, I have a few mules worth of stuff so hopefully I have something you’d like. Can either reply here or my GT is Stray2615. Cheers.

I have a few redsuit, its 3.2k capacity wich is standard. Red suits are low capacity. I can send them to you tonight when i log. Im looking for deadeye mods and cosmic stalker mods and alos fire rowans call.

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I have quite a few flakk mods so I’ll see what I got tonight. A red suit without amp is an improvement from what I have, being low capacity taking another 20% off for the amp shot doesn’t help lol.

indeed, Ill send you 1 or 2 red suits when i log tonight, already got you on my friends list.

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Awesome thanks, I’ll send over some mods and send back whichever shield I don’t use, thanks :slight_smile:

Same here, ill log in a feww

Its sent

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Thanks man, still at work but I’ll send the coms tonight :slight_smile:

Sent, a pleasure as always :slight_smile:

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I hope the ones i sent works lol.

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I [believe] have an Anointed Radiation +125 Queen’s Call. Are you still looking for that?

If so, Do you have any leg Infiltrator COMs for Zane? I’m looking for one that specifically puts +2 or +3 in Like a Ghost. Let me know. Sidenote: I think we may already be on each other’s friendlist - GT: YoungOne6


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I’ll have a look tonight. Most of the coms I have are for Flak as I’ve only had level 50 Zane a couple of days now and I’m still tweaking build in slaughterhouse, but I’ll see what I have

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Definitely better than the amp one. Still a glass cannon with them being low capacity so I might need a respec and better relic with shield capacity boost to counter, it’s a work in progress but it helps, thanks

Sorry none of those coms, if I find one I’ll send you. I got a queens call from someone else though.

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Sent you back some coms thanks man

Sending you a few rad items I don’t want. You can junk or keep as you want. I don’t expect anything in return.

You gave me an anointed Ruby’s Wrath a couple days ago so consider this “one good turn deserves another.”

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Legend thanks man :slight_smile: