LF: Red Suit level 57

Looking for a Red Suit, level 57. Annointment doesn’t matter much, using it for testing purposes. Anything for Moze would be fine, or none at all. Happy to trade for it. Don’t have much M10 gear, but plenty of level 57 m4 stuff. Ask, and I’ll do my best to fulfill the request!

Epic: Cat_Thulhu

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Oh, cool. I actually have a good one for you on hand

Cool. Just messing around with Yellow Cake haha. Let me know if you need one, have a spare with +200% while action skill in use… Useless for our Lady, but…

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Sent that Yellow Cake over to ya!

Sent! :slight_smile:

Hahahaha it’s a kake time cake :joy:

Just blew through Athenas like tissue paper with Yellow cake and Red Suit… Thank you!

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Wanna see the dumbest thing I’ve done yet?

Red Queen:


That looks about right. People thought the Ion Cannon was OP… I’m not even using any +heavy damage gear, and Captain Traunt goes down in 2 shots, if the distance is right.

Messing around with Amara…?

That grenade works in OP -er—Mayhem 10?

Really? Due to the crit damage?

I grabbed an Unforgiven with the 300% boost over 90% health. And it applies. So…the crit swap is bonkers.

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… You want?

Hahahaha. Sure. I’ll toss it on a FL4K and turn them into Ic4b0d Cr4n3

The horseless headsman

Hi, I’m using these two items together (because Iron Bear is terrible and the yellow cake is easy mode), but I still seem to be knocking myself out all over the place. What’s the rest of your setup like?

Blast master, Pearl, Red Suit. That’s it. You might have extra elemental damage from grenade, shield, gun annointments, or something else that giving you damage ticks…? Fire In The Skag Den?

Possibly you are too close, and the kinetic explosion from Short Fuse is getting you?

Those are the only options I can think of.

Ah yeah, it could be Short Fuse, combined with Torgue from so far away. Thank you!

The one thing I’ve noticed is that Yellow Cake seems to do better as mid ranges, after it splits into two or four.

I try to avoid being too close. Jumping while shooting down at an angle seems to help. I’ve definitely put myself into FFYL on occasion, but it’s rare with good distancing practices at this point.