LF: Red Suit Shield

I’m not sure if the target of opportunity is still a source for this item or if it even exists anymore but I told myself if I got to 50 kills on the target of opportunity and still didn’t see a Red Suit drop, I would just post in the trade forum to see if I could get one so here goes.

I got one for you my friend.
Psn : dialled

If by any chance you have a kyb’s worth to spare that would be fantastic

Would appreciate it. I’m sorry I haven’t yet seen a Kyb’s. I kinda took my break from BL3 during the Maliwan Takedown until Moxxi’s Heist dropped. I plan to take advantage of the easier Maliwan content after the 16th. If I grab a spare Kyb’s, I don’t mind passing it along.

PSN: IVIassiveDynamic

Sure thing,i accepted you.
I’ll send it to ya


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Still need a Kyb’s worth?

Hey man,sure thing!
If you can spare it!

Yeah. I’ll send it your way.

Sent. Also sent a couple other things didn’t know if you have or not.