LF redis, infinity, seein dead

Looking for a shock redistributer with sntl cryo anointment, a shock infinity, and seein dead mod with + to weapon dmg, SMG dmg, and cooldown.

GT: kaeichi

I have a large collection of legendaries for trade so let me know what looking for in return and will see if I have it. Been farming for these items for ages without much luck.

Have legendaries suitable for all 4 classes. Elemental projector Otto idol’s, cutpurse loaded dice, clone/recurring/mirv hex, roid rough riders, Kyb’s, and plenty other items

Have redistributor, any chance you got corrosive conference call 125 or 100%

i have a shock reddistributer ill take a kybs

@Thelemonader unfortunately my corrosive conference call is ASE +25% crit but welcome to it.

@ko1dkilljr I have 4 different kyb’s.
Cryo/radiation +50% status on barrier
Fire/radiation +25% crit while airborne
Shock/corrosive no anointment
Fire/corrosive 30% lifesteal after attack command

instead of kybs worth do you have any otto idols

@ko1dkilljr I have 3 different ones. Elemental projector +cryo dmg max shield radiation res, hot drop +mag melee inc res, and electric slide +pistol dmg movement cryo dmg otto idols

do you have any legendarys with rakk attack damage increase 100% weapons

@ko1dkilljr venemous nemesis and shock magnificent

ill take the shock magnificent

do you want me to just send it or are we trading in person

whats you gt

all i need is the shock magnificent

Gt: kaeichi

i sent you and invite

thanks for the loot

Thanks. 1 down, two to go. Willing to trade numerous items for a single one of the two I am still looking for. Shock infinity and seein dead with +dmg, +cooldown, +SMG dmg.

If have either let me know what looking for and will see if I have it.

i just found out i have a shock ill mail it to you