LF / redistribuidor/ duc anointed/ carrier 100% ASE

Do you have any cutsmans with while sntl is active do cryo/ while gamma burst is active do rad dmg/ or 100 dmg /125 dmg to bosses on ase. Did you need the banjo also

Don’t suppose you have atom balm relic that adds +1666 shield? Any combo except loaded dice or deathless is fine

I have an atomic balm moxxi endowment. Lucky 12.67 / 14% weapon cooldown / 29% radiation resistance.I don’t know if it helps you …

Sorry man I really need the shield boost, my radiation build has a very low capacity shield and need to counter it

Unfortunately I do not have the items you are looking for. check if anything interests you:

  1. ion cannon anointing 130% after exchanging with digiclone

  2. lucians call with ammunition regeneration anointing while terrified.

  3. cheap tips with anointing 125% damage to named enemies.

  4. Boomer in 50% STNL cryo

  5. re-charger anointing 20% ​​technical action wait rate.

  6. stop gap anointing 3% regeneration while digiclone is active.

  7. firestorm anointing melee attack has a chance of terror on you

  8. storm front anointing heals 25% of maximum life while terrified.

  9. NAGATA anointed 50% eletric ASE.

  10. Sprint rough rider (10% movement speed when exhausted).

  11. seein dead - 1 violent violence / 4 dirty playing. 25% weapon damage / 10% Hyperion damage / 45% crit jacobs

  12. Elemental projector otto idol 16% electrical damage. 14% weapon reload speed / 8% movement speed.

  13. Moar linage anointing 50% while STNL is active.

  14. Infinity with anointing 130% damage when exchanging with digiclone.

  15. monocle with 50% corrosive ASE anointing.

  16. Brainstormer 50% incendiary ASE anointing

  17. Brainstormer 50% corrosive ASE anointing.

  18. Anointing brainstormer after leaving IB does not consume ammunition for 5 seconds.

  19. Claps- anointed 250% weapon damage after spell casting.

  20. Re-charger anointing after exiting IB Eliminations increase IB’s waiting rate by 30%.

no problems. If I get any warning from you.

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Would you take the banjo for the storm front with rad on ase

looks good to me

Will send over in a few minutes

I received the banjo and sent the grenade.
Anything you may be interested in for the redistributor?


Any particular annont on the duc?

I have a preference for 50% STNL or 100% ASE. I accept other anointing (less skipping, sliding … etc).

What is other roll and skill points?

I think i have a sntl duc

Right now, I have 2 donny / 2 vv / 1 dirty game with 25% weapon damage / 20% incendiary endurance / 31% skill wait rate. or another has 1 playing dirty / 4 vv with 25% weapon damage / 10% Hyperion damage / 45% drastic damage jacobs.

Unfortunately, this one I exchanged with a friend.

Anything else I can offer you for the duc?

Just a reminder, folks:

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I have a Duc with radiation on ASE, I think one in either Cryo or fire on ASE, and one with 300% damage after phaseslam.

Hit me up if any of those look good. GT SquirrelEDan. I’ll be online this evening (EST).

The duc cryo ASE interests me. Something you are looking for?