LF Redistributer and cutsmans

LF redistributers annointed with while sntl is active do cryo dmg. And while gamma burst is active do bonus dmg. Also looking for corrosive and incendiary cutsmans with these annointments as well. I have a decent selection to offer for trade including transformers with elemental dmg, Annointed it’s piss grenades, a bunch of different Maggie’s, bekah with 125% to bosses, level 1 stop gaps and level 1 band of Sitorak, assorted brainstormers, spiritual drivers and rakk packs, pretty good rolls of a lot of the og class mods.

I’ll search my gear tonight, I want that Bekah so badly lol.


Which anointment do you have on it’s piss?

I have the on throw do damage and corrosive on ase