LF redistributer corrosive or cryo w/ killing annointment or consecutive

Like title says um looking for a cryo redistributer with killing annointment or a corrosive one with consecutive hit or killing annointment. I have a TON up for trade. Hmu my psn is deluxemenu

I have a couple redistributors

You have any anointed x2 Ion Cannon? For Zane or Fl4k

Not specifically for then but got a x2 cry that does 50%bonus incin for next 2 rounds which is still pretty good. Tbh though I’d worry about that gun it’s way to strong to not get nerfed lll

Have any good x2 Lump launcher?

Got a fire and corrosive no annoints

I will be online soon . I will let you know exactly the stats

As long as it has the annoints should be fine. Ty

They are all yes.

You got any last stand otto idol or last stand victory rush with some good stats?

Bruh I WISH otto idol would actually drop for me lol one of the best victory rushes I got a is a ice breaker one which is pretty good when u think about it

I have a corrosive redistributor w/ killing anointment. I’m looking for ember’s, cheap tips, boomers or kyb’s with killing anointment.

I got a corrosive cheap tips with consecutive hits annoint

I have that one, I’m looking for 100 or higher ase

Damn. Any way i can get that redistributer anyway?

I have 2 ion cannons x2 one shock the other is normal both with enemies damaged by rakk attack take 100% increased damage

what weapons do you have with 100% or more damage on ASE?

Beckah corrosive re. Maggie. Rakk attack lucky 7. Killing annoint cryo crossroads. Corrosive and fire 100ase butcher consecutive shock butcher

the lucky 7 interests me

Also got consecutive hit one. Add my psn deluxemenu and shoot me a message

Ok, give me a few as company has arrived

K just add my psn deluxemenu and shoot me a message