LF Redistributor 115% Gamma burst anointment

Hello! I am looking for radioactive dmg Redistributor with 115% Gamma burst anointment.

Tell me what you are looking for and perhaps we can trade.

epic id: Ferrum83

I have one I don’t use, you got a gamma burst craps any element but shock, or a gamma stagecoach x25? If not i’ll give for free but damn can i not get these

hey, I got craps with gamma but have not found stagecoach with gamma yet, if u want I got 100% ASE Stagecoach x25

what is ur epic id, I can mail craps if u want

Hey do you think I could get a copy of that stagecoach? I added you to epic, I’m Tillainz

What element is the craps?

Epic id reetard