LF: redistributor and cutsman

shock or corrosive anointed 300% damage increased phasecast

I’ve got a 250% shock Cutsman. I thought 250% was the max for phasecast. 300% on phaseslam. I could be wrong though.

Phaseslam is 300% Damage
Phasecast is 250%

I have redistributors for 300% Slam and a fire cutsman for 250% cast.

Nobody has owned up to having redistributors for 250% cast that I have seen so far.

I’m looking for the 250% redistributors. A loaded dice with mag size and hp regen that isn’t Slam or slide related. Or god rolled bloodletters I don’t have preferably Last Ditch

What is your PSN ?


Mailed it. Mailed a couple other things as well.

very cool thank you i mailed you something too

i don’t know if you had one if not you do now

Thank you

Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not welcome on this forum. Please read the forum rules before posting again. Thanks.