LF: Redistributor (any element) w/ after using Phasecast increase 250% damage

As title says. I have an assortment of gear for any character. Examples include…

*Redistibutior Sntl 50% cryo
*x2 Ion Cannons
*After phasecast… 250% damage
*When damaged by Rak Attack… 100% damage.
*100% damage on ASE
*50% element on ASE
*various grenade mods with 50% extra damage on ASE
*grenade mods when thrown get 25% damage…
*Transformer w/ ASE get 50% shock… etc.

Just message me with specifics. Hopefully I can provide.

I have shock and rad in phasecast. I’d like the full set as well. Add me, same name.

ill be back on soon. r u looking for anything in particular?