LF redistributor, any element

Looking for a spare redistributor from a generous Vault Hunter. Ran the damn takedown so many times with no luck. I have
some decent stuff to trade if theres something you would like in return. PSN Rezdog720

Any gamma burst anointed stuff?

What element were you looking for.

Anything man I’ve just had ■■■■■■ luck. I’m not on right now but I’ll look to see if I have any gamma burst items. I usually skip that stuff because I’ve never tried a gamma build

I’ll send you a fr.

I’ve got a fire Rowan’s call with “while gamma burst is active, gain 65% bonus radiation damage”

I’m really only looking for the rad lasersploder with gamma. But it’s all good. I’ll send them to you. I know how that grind goes.

You’re the man. I’ll keep my eyes open for a lasersploder, I only have an non-annointed corrosive one at the moment

You get those two?

Yes sir you are the man. I’ve been grinding that stupid takedown so long, its nice to finally get these damn things. Thanks again

No worries. I’m happy to help. Thanks for the gamma rowans. Good luck.