Lf: Redistributor (Cryo) - Gamma and more // Offer Gamma Burst stuff

Redistributor (Cryo) - Gamma
Hyperfocus (Cryo,Corrosive) - Gamma
Boom Sickle (All Elements) - 100% ase, Gamma
The Garcia - 100% ase

Snowdrift Otto Idol (mag size, splash dam, cooldown) minimum 2 of this
lvl 50 or 53 One-Shotter Shield - 50% elemental anoitment

Lob - (All Elements) - Gamma
Boom Sickle (Radiation) - Gamma
Storm - Gamma
Firestorm - Gamma
Krakatoa - Gamma
Hellshock - Gamma
King’s Call (Fire) - Gamma
Queen’s Call (Corrosive) Gamma
Cutsman (Corrosive,Shock,Fire) - Gamma
Dictator x6 (Cryo) - Gamma
Hyperfocus (Radiation) - Gamma

all items are lvl 53

I have a corrosive Gamma burst lob.

cool, what do you need?

BUMP , added new offers

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what do you need?

i need this

Hello !
got a Krakatoa 100% ASE if you’re interested in ^^
Would love to trade it for you One Shotter Shield for Zane :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Got the snowdrift otto idol with mag and shotgun damage would like kings call and dictator if possible

yes to both of you :wink: my psn: phlekz

Looks like i already have you added will send when i get on

Can we make a deal?

yes and i already send you another item for this ;D

Got this. Would trade for that splash cryo lob

PSN is Rchris92

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Really interested in this Krataoa aswell. Are you searching for something in particular ?


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What do you want for the storm?

skeksil- corrosive- 250 phasecast

Fl4k - corrosive - rakk attack 100%
Moze - shock / corrosive- next 2 mags
Fl4k- fire / shock - rakk attack 100%
rowans call - fire - gamma

Do you have just one of these?

I believe so yes I’m not on at the moment but will be in about an hour. Add mightguyyo and I’ll message when I’m on with a definite answer.