LF: Redistributor/Cutsman/Brainstormer SNTNL, 50% bonus cryo



Hey, I have the Redistributor you’re looking for, also have same in all
other elements if needed?

What’s the base damage on your 100% ASE Maggie? I’m looking for
the version with 526x6.

I have the 100% ASE Maggie 526x6.

My Radiation Redistributor have 403 damage and Corrosive Redistributor have damage 352, if yours are better I take.

Yes I’m looking for Fire and Shock Redistributor SNTNL, 50% bonus cryo.

PSN: Bentho-

Sweet, been looking for that Maggie for ages!

My Rad & corrosive are the same as yours but you can have my Fire
& Shock versions for the Maggie.

I’ll fire a FR over.

100% ASE Maggie 526x6 sent by mail.

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Got her, thanks loads for the trade! :smiley:

And a Fire, Shock & Cryo Redistributor sent the other way!

Thanks you

Hi I have that brainstormer and seein dead with weapon, smg and Hyperion crit

I am interested by brainstormer and seein dead with weapon, smg and Hyperion crit.

What do you want in return?

Psn: Bentho-

Hey I’d love that bang stick and stagecoach

PSN: Kitty_Hellfire

Sent, enjoy!

Sent too
Thanks you