LF - Redistributor / Dictator / Cutsman 100% SNTL, Opti Seeing Dead


I’m looking for some rare stuff for my Zane :

  • Redistributor Shocks/Cryo w/ 100% SNTL
  • Dictator w/ 100% SNTL
  • Cutsmann w/ 100% SNTL
  • Seeing Dead with +25% wpn dmg and +30% smg dmg

I got some good stuff for any caracters, tell me what you looking for.
Pseudo in game : Pandadn

Thx !

Sent request

Accepted :slight_smile:

Would this be any good to you? I’m on Xbox one if so do you have any corrosive cutsman?

Thx but it’s not the anointment i’m looking for and i’m in PC :wink:

I have a Corrosive Cutsman with SNTL Cryo.

What do you have?