LF Redistributor gun anointed


I have alot of stuff for trade let me know what you need.

I need Redistributor guns mostly anointed with Zane or let me know which one you got.

Thanks alot!!

PSN : jotheking

still looking for them . I have alot for trade

Your guna be set!

still looking for a corrosive or shock one

I have a shock one but with corrosive magazines ASE

I need it ! anything i could trade you?

A Fire redistributor hahaha. I accidentally sold mine Dx. Or an electric banjo or a clone maggie. I think we both are building the same Zane lol

Anyway Im gonna add you and mail you the gun, so dont worry

Haha yea! my PSN is jotheking

Item sent, have fun!

Thanks, I will send you the fire one. I got one. Just miss the corrisive now

Same here haha

I’ve got a corrosive and shock one with 100% damage ase

Oh I really need it ! Anything you need ? Thanks

Got any in cannons/green monsters?

Ion *

i have green monster yes

If you happen to get any to spare zane preferred but not at all picky could you share some of the love? Psn: soybean27 thanks