LF Redistributor/R4ck P4k/Cutsman/Kyb ´s Worth etc etc etc

Hi All,

I am looking for

Redistributor Cryo 100% Rack ASE - Fl4ck
Redistributor Shock/Coro 50% Cryo SNTL or ASE 100%
Redistributor unanointed coro/shock

R4ck Pack - 25% Weapon Damage/Cryo Effiency/Cryo Damage//SMG dmg/Hyperion dmg or other good combinations

Elementalist COM- smg dmg/waepon dmg/Maliwan dmg/AS cooldown or other nice combinations

Cutsman - corrosive/shock with projectile speed 100% ASE or Phasegrasp.

Kyb´s Worth Fire/cryo 100% ASE Rack and/or Amara Phasegrasp

Ice Breaker Otto Idol - Waepon dmg/Cryo Efficiency and or dmg /AS cooldown
Ice Breaker Victory Rush - weapon dmg/cryo efficiency/AS cooldown

I can offer:

Ice Breaker Otto Idol +29 Shock resist/+30%Shield Recharge/-30% Shield Recharge delay
Cash Infused Brainstormer 100% rack ASE
Redundant Brainstrormer 65% gamma burst
R4ck P4k - 25% Weapon Damage/Jacobs dmg/Jacobs crit dmg
Redistributor - incendiary/rad 50% cryo SNTL active
Cutsman - shock/corros/incendiary 50% cryo SNTL active
Transformer Shield - Rad/Fire/Corro/Icendiary/ASE
Surge grenade Mod explosive - for Moze to use in IB
Recuring Hex Cryo with radiation 50% ASE
Tacular Hex Cryo with 6 sec boost to AS,Grenade, Weapon Dmg
Lyuda Corrosive 100% Rack ASE
Devils Foursome 125% Splash ASE / shock
Kyb´s Worth 125% Splash ASE shock/coro incendiary/cryo
Generator Tran-fusion Tracker - grenade Mod - heal on shield and health - homing - ASE 50% Cryo dmg


Hey, I can trade the 100% Maggie you’re after for
the Redistributor - incendiary 50% cryo SNTL active?

I have a kybs worth cryo and incendiary with 100% ASE splash damage if you’re interested.

Thanks, but I have it by my own. It´s in my offer list.

I am looking for Phasegrasp Kyb´s Worth.

i need Zane SNTL +50% Cutsman


Send me a PSN friendship to DocHolydayIII (three ei not el)


Can´t find you in PSN

tell me you psn

Read the posts there is my PSN

Hi there, I have the Kyb’s ASE 100% rakk attack S/C

Looking at your gamma burst x14 brainstormer.
If that’s suitable please add me on PSN: Fleyn_89

I’m also interested in your cutsmans with Zane SNTL anoint. If you see anything else on my list you’d like for one or all of them please let me know! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K75WjYeG2D7WnV39AVTC29ExY5cpoWnP63-iHC3Mvrw/edit?usp=drivesdk

Hey, i got the Maggie with sntnl.
Trade for a cutsman corrosive with sntnl?


I have IB Otto Idol and IB Victory rush but they just have cryo damage and cryo efficiencies on them, are you looking for only these exact rolls?