Lf Redistributor, seeing dead

Lf redistributor with radiation and 100% dmg sntnl.
Seeing dead class mod with smg, overall dmg and mag size.

Looking for ages and appreciate ur help :slight_smile:
I got a few op stuff for trading too.

Got the redistributor.
LF Autoaime shock or corrosive with sntnl 100% cryo.

Do u look for something else? I don’t have the autoaime, I always sell them :smiley:

Not atm. But give me ur psn and i send you the gun and let you know later on if it is anything i need.

Got a mod close to what you’re after.
Got weapon critical damage though instead of overall damage.
Lmk If you’re interested.

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Ty both of you guys. My psn is xBruiizer. Lemme know what u Need via PM :slight_smile:

Mailed you the gun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ty so much