LF Redistributor SNTNL active 50% Cryo /all elements

Hi, i am looking for annointed Redistributor with SNTNL active 50% Cryo dmg /all elements (especially lf RAD). i have had really poor luck with finding a good redistributor for my zane, got bank full of stuff to trade for (hopefully something you need) msg me or post here, thanks in advance!

Have a Cryo Crossroad with phasecast anoint

I have them all. I’m LF: seeing dead god rolls, shock skeksil.

dont have shock skeksil. well i have some seeing dead’s but not very godly ones, 33% smg dmg one is best i have gotten yet, what kind god roll you are looking for besides gun dmg ? or are you looking for +4 donny ?

@Buckshotzero dont have any cryo crossroadsa sry

Do you have any rakk attack anointed

i do, what items are you looking for ?

Any lucians calls, brainstormers or any 125% on ase cutsmans

got 50% elem ase brainstormer, 15% ase lifesteal brainstormer, 50% elem with sntl up lycian, 100% dmg ase fire cuttsman

I have a radiation redistributor w/50% cryo dam while SNTNL is active

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i would like that very much !

My psn is spitfrost1

Ill send it right away id like the fire cutsman i send a friend request