LF redistributor sntnl anointed

I have many items for ricochet Amara build or rakk attack fl4k to trade. Also lots of 100 ASE weapons and anointed 50 elemental transformers or granades

Hey, I have all elements in the Redistributors you’re looking
for. I’m interested in grenades and Amara gear you have.

Send a FR over and we’ll work a trade out!

PSN dogstar13

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I ll be online in one hour or less. I can send u all the equipment I use to solo m4 takedown if it s OK for u. X2 recursion shock corrosive 100 ASE, all cutsman 100 ASE (also have all 3 300 phaseslam if u need) 50 shock and corrosive transformer, driver 3 mindfulness shotgun damage, quasar 50 corrosive and fire surge 50 fire and elemental projector otto idol. Psn Gimn123.
As soon as I get online I send u if ok for u

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