Lf Redistributor w Gamma burst annoint

Not exactly sure that these exist but willing to trade my left you know what for it. I have a lot of Gamma burst and action skill end stuff.

I have one in Rad and one in Corrosive I believe.

Got any loaded dice with health regen and Heavy Damage? Or any crazy Bloodletter mods?

I’m a,ready on your list I believe, so I’ll send em over when I get done farming the Agonizer tonight.

Can you sort me out.

I’ll have a look if I have the loaded dice…

Only heavy weapon artefact I have…

I’ll send them to you as well no worries. I might try your Bloodletter with a grenade thrown mod for a while. I should be on late this evening or afternoon and I’ll mail them. Think you’re already on my list.

Cool. I’ll send the bloodletter in about 1 hour…