LF: Redistributor w/ SNTNL 100% Cryo, + more Zane stuff

A Rad Redistributor would be preferable but Corrosive might work too. Also a Lv. 50 works fine, seeing as getting a Lv. 53 with the right element AND anoint is hard enough, but if I could get a Lv. 53 that’d be awesome!

Anyways, other stuff I’m looking for would be a good Seein’ Dead Com. I can’t for the life of me get a good one to drop.
One with a minimum of +3 Donnybrook works and other skill combos don’t matter.
Plus any 2 of

  • Weapon Damage
  • SMG Damage
  • Hyperion Weapon Crit Damage

A Wedding Invitation w/ SNTNL active + 100% Cryo

And lastly a decent Snowdrift Legendary artifact with + SMG Damage would be great.

For trade I’ve got:
-Fire Cutsman w/ After Phasecast + 250% Weapon Damage
-Night Hawkin w/ ASE + 100% Weapon Damage
-Redundant Brainstormer w/ ASE + 50% Cryo Damage
-Purple Q-System w/ ASE + 100% Weapon Damage
-Rad. Sickle w/ ASE + 100% Weapon Damage
-Wedding Invitation w/ After Rakk Attack + 50% Crit Damage
-Transformer w/ ASE + 50% Shock Damage
-2 Elemental Projector Otto Idols w/ random passives (I can list them if you’re interested)
-3 Elemental Projector Victory Rushes w/random passives (Also can list them)

All are Lv. 53.

My GT is xXPakkunXx, any help would be greatly appreciated!